Features & Benefits

  • Fast Cure/Drying Time – light foot traffic in 4 hours – return to service in under 24 hours

  • UV Stable – high gloss and excellent color retention – no yellowing

  • Stronger and More Durable – water resistant, ideal for high traffic areas – long lasting and abrasion resistant

  • Zero VOC/CFCs and Solvent Free – environmentally/eco friendly and low odor

  • Low Maintenance – easy to clean seamless surface

  • Customizable coatings – limitless color, texture, and design options (non slip and matte finishes available)

  • Cost effective
    – Fast cure allows for less down time, and increased productivity

    – Other products that are not 100% solid require more product to achieve the same dry film thickness (DFT)

Can be applied in temperatures as low as 0° C / 32° F  
Resistant to gasoline, oil, grease, road salts and some chemicals